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Initial Behaviour Consult 


$150 / 1.5 hr

Do you have an adult dog or puppy that's developed some less-than-desirable behaviours like pulling on the lead, destructive chewing, excessive barking, escaping, digging, unreliable recall etc? 

Or would you like some help training or walking your dog? 

Yes, well a behaviour consult is always the first step in tailoring a program that's right for you and your dog. 

Just call me to set up a time that's convenient and I can visit you and your dog in the comfort of your own home.

*** Additional travel may fees apply ***

Private Coaching


 $110 / hr

Discounts for multiple bookings (8 +) available on request

Do you have an adult dog or puppy and need some one-on-one help to resolve an undesirable behaviour?


Or perhaps you just want to enrich your dog's life by learning how to teach them excellent manners on and off lead, inside and outside the house.  

Maybe you just want to learn about dog body language and help manage them on the beach? 

Whatever you are after Happy Dogs' can tailor a training program that's right for your individual needs and lifestyle.

Private coaching is all about me giving you the knowledge and skills to build effective communication and a happy relationship with your dog.

*** Additional travel fees may apply ***

Private Training 

$110 / hr

Discounts for multiple bookings (8 +) available on request

 Do you want someone to come to your house and train your puppy or dog while you're at work? 

Training is a wonderful form of mental & physical enrichment that prevents boredom, loneliness and destructive behaviours in dogs.

Training can involve teaching basic manners, games and tricks as well as skills in agility and other dog sports

*** Additional travel fees may apply ***

Puppy Class
Small group class
4-5 puppies
For puppies 8 -14 weeks old

5:30 – 6:30 pm

Starts WEDNESDAY 29th May

5 week course



0432 022 949

Must have proof of 1st Vaccination

Location: Indoor venue @ Habitat Byron Industrial Estate

4/5 Easy Street Byron Bay 

* This indoor location is safe and secure, free from roaming dogs.

Floors and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected using veterinary hospital-grade disinfectant (F10)


Puppy Parents will receive expert advice on: 

  • Positive reinforcement/force-free principles for effective learning.

  • What SOCIALISATION really is!

  • How to shape behaviours rather than teaching pups to follow food lures. 

  • Navigating fear periods during your pup’s development.

  • Environmental management strategies to prevent unwanted behaviours at home.

  • Preparing your puppy for vet visits and grooming through comfortable handling.

  • Interpretation of canine body language and communication cues.

  • Comprehensive coverage of puppy challenges: nipping, chewing, house training, addressed with kindness and compassion. 

  • Techniques to ensure your puppy comes when called by teaching fun and engaging games.

  • Preventive measures for resource guarding, leash reactivity, separation distress, and more as your pup develops. 


Puppies will learn: 


  • To respond to their name and focus on you. 

  • To enjoy being handled, held by their collar, and put on a lead. 

  • The value of calm positions (sit & down) to earn all the good things in life (rewards/reinforcement)

  • The value of walking by their guardian’s side in “reinforcement zone” rather than pulling out in front when on lead. 

  • To be empowered by showing self-control/ impulse control through games of choice (Susan Garretts foundation game “Its yer choice”)

  • Reliable recall training: coming when called.

  • Play tug, fetch, and other engaging games.

  • Body awareness and confidence-building exercises.

  • Social skills with dogs and people – when to meet, greet and play vs when to ignore. 

  • Crate training/mat training/ bed training 

  • Relaxation skills to promote calm behaviour.


 Small group Class

4-5 dogs

For puppies over 3 months & adult dogs

Next 6 week course begins: 

Saturday 29th June 8am -9am Byron Bay

Sunday 30th June 8am -9am Bangalow



0432 022 949

~ Games based learning ~



Goal: for dogs to grow their motivation and desire to focus and listen to you instead of being distracted by other dogs and the environment.

Info will also be provided on:

1. The benefits of Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement training

2. Dog body language/communication

3. How dogs learn

4. Normal dog behaviour

5. How to manage undesirable behaviour. 


What Our Clients Say

"My 2 cavoodles adore Michelle. She is so much more than a dog walker. Michelle has put in extra time and energy into our puppies and has really helped our timid Bowie settle on his walks and experience new things confidently. We highly recommend Michelle for all your doggie needs"    
Helen S
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