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"I cannot say enough praise about Michelle!

She was the best tool I had while training my new puppy.  I was lucky enough to find a beautiful 6-month-old bull mastiff cross pup named Merle through Animal Welfare early this year.  Adopting a puppy alone while working full time is no easy feat especially when we had a lot of training to do.  A friend passed along Michelle’s number and I contacted her right away.  Michelle walked and trained him 4 times a week.  She helped us with on-lead training, off lead training at the beach, house manners, and doggy friendships!  She was always available over the phone for support as well.  I truly couldn’t have done it without her. What I love most about Michelle is she focuses on positive reinforcement. It is not about shutting out the dog’s personality but making them feel safe and happy to be themselves in a way that is conducive to a healthy and safe life.  She is aware of the nuanced language of dogs and helps teach that language to the owner.  Anyone would be lucky to have Michelle as their dog trainer."



"If you are reading this testimonial you are looking for a dog trainer who has the three P's:  professionalism, punctuality and positivity - Michelle embodies all three and more.  She is tireless in her efforts to make an owner's and dog's life symbiotic.  She is kind and helpful to both animals and humans. I often ask her for advice on things like grooming, pulling on the lead and nutrition.  Michelle knows it all!!  She is incredibly knowledgeable about dog behaviours and can help you understand your fur baby better.  Both my boys (one labrador and one small rescue) adore her.  If they see her while she is working with other dogs, they bound up and say hello.  They must be having a good time while she works with them otherwise, why would they do that?  Michelle turns up on time and is ready to do the job.  She is professional and keeps to a routine to ensure she gets it all done in time.  She is easy to communicate with and fast to return a text or email.  Michelle uses positive reinforcement to train my guys.  She has a multitude of tricks that help maintain their attention.  I was fortunate to meet Michelle while walking my boys on a deserted beach while the rain came down in buckets.  I said, "we are the only crazy ones out here!" She replied in the most honest tone, "I love my job!"  And from that moment onwards, she became our go-to for all things dog related.  Thank you, Michelle, for being such a wonderful human and an amazing dog whisperer!"


"We have a 6-year-old, somewhat wilful male golden retriever and have been greatly benefiting from Michelle’s services for 2 years now. As we are busy professionals, mostly working from home, Michelle has been a tremendous help to us in many ways, particularly in terms of caring for, walking and training our dog. Her professionalism and dedication to dog training are outstanding and as such, she has transformed the way our dog behaves on beach walks. Many of our friends who see her in action on the beach have commented to us about Michelle’s training expertise and the very clear love that she has for our dog and other dogs in her care. Michelle has taught us a great deal about dog behaviour patterns and as such, we believe that we are better dog owners as a result. We highly recommend Michelle and continue to benefit from her expertise."



"Michelle has helped me enormously with my 1-year-old spoodle. I was having a hard time with her escaping the backyard, responding to recalls and not leaving the beach. Michelle has trained Kimmy to be less hyperactive, to lose lead walk, sit, come to me when called and have eye contact. I can now enjoy taking Kimmy to the beach while feeling confident that she will listen to my commands and be a good girl. Since training with Michelle, I have been able to easily retrieve Kimmy when she has gotten out of the yard as she now responds to my cues. Kimmy loves Michelle and is always excited about her training sessions with her. I am forever grateful for Michelle's expertise and the amazing results. I would highly recommend her to anyone."


"Michelle has a natural affinity with dogs and in combination with her education and experience, she is a very effective trainer. We are an older couple with no experience in managing our exuberant juvenile labrador retriever and thanks to working with Michelle we are learning how to communicate and build a trusting relationship with our pup so we can better train her."


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